blue moon nuno wrap

Here are  images of my finished indigo nuno wrap, as promised.  I felted this at the last minute on Friday afternoon to wear to the ATF Blue Moon fundraiser that night.

I had indigo dyed this piece of silk organza last year, with no specific project in mind.  Organza has such a firm hand that it doesn’t lend itself to every nuno felt project, but I think it is perfect for wraps. 

I wasn’t sure I could finish this in time to wear that night.  I had to set up the studio for my Art Felts workshop the next day, and by the time  that was done, I had just part of the day left.  I am notorious for a slowwww layout.  Doing this speedy thing isn’t in my comfort zone.  I allowed myself one “frogging” of the layout.  I had some Tree Tops space dyed Merino roving set aside for the project, but after it was laid out, I didn’t like the look of the purple areas with my indigo, so I pulled it all off.  That left me short on wool for my wrap, but I managed to find a bit of indigo dyed merino roving in my scrap bag.  I laid out a bold design to make it quick, and placed the indigo wool here and there, joining with the space dyed shades of blue from Tree Tops to make a cohesive look.  I wanted to be sure the wrap was long enough, so I had to cut and piece the fabric, which I joined with open areas of wool.

I was really dubious about my surface design, and almost convinced I was wasting my time and materials by rushing things, but I left it. I am a firm believer in NOT rushing the nuno felting process, especially with a trickier fabric like silk organza.  Wool fibers are quite happy to felt together on the surface, before they migrate through the fabric, if you don’t finesse the nuno process gently. 

I finished fulling, and did my vinegar rinse.  After I’d spun the water out with my fabulous Laundry Alternative extractor, I was able to dry my wrap the rest of the way by ironing.  Harry was calling to remind me we had an hour to get ready for the event just as I finished.  For once, I was happier than I anticipated with the results.   Voila! 

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