Inspiration in always the first word I associate with the feltmakers I revere.  Artists like Marjolein Dallinga.  I just spent a wonderful week hosting Marjolein in my home and studio.   She left me with the feeling that life is good.  Very good.  And that great things are within my reach.  Not because she told me so.  But because she believes in sharing inspiration.   She throws out the product oriented workshop model and replaces it with reverence for the journey.    Amazingly, all twenty-one students in our two workshops willingly followed the journey.   We were challenged by instruction that left us questioning the destination.   And we were encouraged to trust in the process.

I had taken two workshops with Marjolein at the Felter’s Fling in 2011, and fully enjoyed the mystery of working toward an unknown goal.  But after that, I decided I probably wouldn’t do it again.  And here I was, doing it again.  Not for the third time, but  for the third and fourth time.  The journey is that good.  That rewarding.  That full of promise.  I will write more later with details.  But right now I am heading off to the studio on this cold bright winter day.  My head is full of inspiration and anything is possible.

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