felted leaf one 1-LEAF1I am grateful for many things, among them this thing called “felt”.  I came to felt through my sister Polly’s enthusiasm when she discovered her calling through the medium.  At that time I was working at a wonderful museum job, surrounded by fabulous art and people.  I felted on my time off, and attended workshops when ever I could.  I envied people who created full time.  A turn of events led me to change paths, and I wound up renting a studio in the Shirt Factory, felting full time and teaching my passion.  I am still surrounded by fabulous art and people, and now I am creating.  I think about this thing, felt, every day.  It is a privilege, and sometimes a worry.  I worry about where my studio rent will come from.  I worry about being creative enough.  About maintaining my identity in the felting world that has blossomed and expanded in recent years.  It is a little like riding a wave.  At times I am on the crest, full of hope and love, when I can see so far and so clearly.  At other times the wave crashes over me and I gurgle for air.   Today I am on the crest, enveloped in the colors of fall, in the company of my dogs and family.  In touch with dear felting friends.  Looking forward to sharing my passion.   Just needed to remind myself that today I am grateful, and to live in this moment.

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